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• We are committed to responding to the need for lifelong learning opportunities. To accomplish this goal, the University recognizes transfer credits and awards credit for documented “Experiential learning,” also referred to as “lifelong Learning” or “Prior Learning,” which is defined as college-level learning that takes place outside a college or university setting. Learning acquired through the following kinds of activities might qualify:

– Non-credit courses, Bible Study classes
– Workshops, television and internet courses
– Self-taught knowledge or skills/independent study
– Career/work experiences/training
– Volunteer work or community services
– Travel, missions trips and activity
– Avocations, e.g., art, music, dramatics
– Leadership roles in church, associations and organizations
– Personal life experiences
– Hobbies, including extensive reading
– Published articles, newsletters, books and other written works
– Production of teaching materials, videos, tapes, pamphlets, tracks
– Being fluent in a second or third Language

• We recognize that biblical knowledge is worthy of credit and acknowledgement, and that honor and recognition should be awarded those who learn through revelation and independent study. It is through evaluation and assessment of Prior Knowledge and Performance Skills – Distance learning – Mentoring – Independent Study – Lectures and Workshops, that those in Ministry related fields are able to complete graduate degrees primarily through Portfolio Assessment and at a fraction of the cost of the traditional seminary system.

• Primus University of Theology International, continues Dr. Richard Drake’s vision and represents a revival of the classic Ecclesiastical University System, which takes into consideration competencies, proven performance skills and proficiencies.

– We recognize many environments as appropriate to learning, not just the classroom
– We acknowledge the range of learning resources is limitless
– We confirm credits for documented learning, regardless of how it is accomplished
– We acknowledge the value of “revelational enlightenment” and Spiritual Gifts

• The portfolio process known as the MAP – PAC system allows for the assembling and presentation of documented learning regardless of how it was gained. It includes transcripts, degrees and certificates that have already been earned, and joins all other methods to form one complete portfolio of the total learning experience and converts it into transcript credits

• Our Mission is to help train and equip ministers and those in ministry related fields, to achieve their full potential in life and ministry, by reducing cost and making it possible to complete a degree program primarily through distance learning, with a minimal amount of time away from ministry, work and family.

• Primus of Theology is designed after the classic university system. A University in the classic sense was an association of teaching disciplines. It is this association with teaching disciplines, our Alumnus Professors, that offers our students the greatest savings on degree program costs and provides the teaching alliances the freedom to teach their own work and revelations revealed to them through relationship with the Holy Spirit

• One of the things PUT hopes to do is to re-establish the association of the term Doctor, with instruction in sound doctrine and that we are used of the Lord to find and certify those men and women that are teaching sound, consistent, doctrine in the earth.

• The title doctor was originally Doctor Ecclesia, which signified a father or a teacher of the church. The Doctor Ecclesia did not go through a specific course curriculum, they were recognized by the resident wisdom in their heart and mind and the depth of their understanding and espousing and teaching of doctrine, they were ‘gifted’ and they were recognized by the ecclesiastical authority, which qualified them for their degree; because, in the field or the world of the church, we recognize first of all that God is our teacher. We hear from God because we are called of God and we are taught by God.

• We believed that most educational institutions have drifted far from the classical Biblical principles of sound doctrine and scholastic pragmatism that was originally their approach to education. They have turned away from performance and competency based education, with a focus on the mastery of skills, to a government mandated academic emphasis based on secular, socio-political, and economic theories gained through classroom indoctrination. As a result, the proper recognition and value of real educational achievement and skill attainment, established by the Church, has been depreciated over time.

• By pleasing and placating the world we will never take dominion of the earth. Only with strict adherence to The Word of God can we offend and challenge; which will conflict with the mind of man to the point of conversion


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