Please complete the Primus University of Theology (PUT) application, scan and E-mail or Mail to: Primus University of Theology P.O. Box 86054, Phoenix, AZ 85080 USA Order a copy of our Founder, Dr. Richard Drake’s book, titled “Army of Compassion” available on the website: Write a brief statement reflecting your thoughts on how the University’s purpose inspires your desire to fulfill your specific educational goals.
  • Discuss specific principles or beliefs that witness to you that our program is right for you and your ministry calling.
  • Read and sign the PUT’s “Statement of Faith”
  • Read and sign the Enrollment Agreement
Upon review and acceptance of the application, signed documents and comments on Dr. Richard Drake’s book, the student will be sent a letter of acceptance and admission, into a degree program. Once the student has been admitted, all remaining fees are due. You will be contacted by a representative from the University to set-up payment arrangements.

Completion of the Ministry Advancement Portfolio (MAP©):

  • The student will be assigned a password protected On-line Portfolio site for uploading documentation.
  • The student will be assigned a personal Mentor to guide them through the completion of their MAP.
  • The completed MAP will be evaluated and assessed for credit by qualified Assessors. The student will then receive written notification of the assessment results.
  • PUT encourages the student to complete the MAP within 90 days.

Completion of the Process Assessment and Certification (PAC©):

  • After receiving the results of the MAP evaluation, the student will work with PUT certified instructors to develop the (PAC) portion of the program to fulfill their educational requirements.
  • Once the students Assessment Master has verified the successful completion of the PAC and all fees are paid, they will be recommended to the Board for approval and awarding of their Degree. The student will then be qualified to participate in a graduation commencement ceremony.

Programs may be paid with monthly installments, a 10% processing fee
will be added to the amount amortized.

Degree program fees do not include the cost of graduation, regalia,
travel, housing, required books and materials, or other expenses related
to attending workshops, classes, forums or lectures.

No refund will be available after 90 days of beginning the program.

Bachelor's Degree

$ $4,800

Master's Degree

$ $4,800

Doctoral Degree

$ $5,800
  • 86054, Phoenix, AZ 85080 USA
  • (602) 224-1161

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