Primus University of Theology is a revolutionary revival of the Biblical style of teaching and is a classic model of the original Ecclesiastical Open University System. The University is formed through Alliances with world class independent teaching ministries, we are a 501(c)(3) not for profit Christian University, accredited through AICCS, the Association of Independent Christian Colleges and Seminaries. The University offers collegiality with an ever expending network of like-minded Christian Leaders.

We are committed to responding to the need for lifelong learning opportunities by providing a full range of educational services adapted to the needs of ministers and church leaders. To accomplish this goal, the University recognizes transfer credits and awards credit for documented "Experiential learning" which is defined as college-level learning that takes place outside a college or university setting.

We recognize that biblical knowledge is worthy of credit and acknowledgement, and that honor and recognition should be awarded those who learn through revelation and independent study. It is through evaluation and assessment of Prior Knowledge and Performance Skills - Distance learning – Mentoring – Independent Study – Lectures and Workshops, that those in Ministry related fields are able to complete graduate degrees primarily through Portfolio Assessment and at a fraction of the cost of the traditional seminary system.

The classic model of the original Ecclesiastical Open University System, helps keep the cost of earning a degree through Primus UT to a fraction of the cost of a traditional degree program.
At Primus University of Theology, our Graduate become our Professors. Students will learn from the experts in their field of study.

A few of our Alumnus Professors are:

      Dr. Lance Wallnau - 7 Mountains of Influence
      Dr. Wellington Boone - Church Leadership
      Dr. T.D. Jakes - Purpose and Destiny
      Dr. Edward Smith - History and Social Sciences
      Dr. Glen Staples - Marriage and Family
      Dr. Dean Radtke - CEO and Leadership Training
      Dr. Randy Clark - Healing and Impartation
      Dr. Jack Gaines - Reconciliation
      Dr. H. Norman Wright - Counseling and Chaplaincy
      Dr. Paul Cole - Ministry to Men


Bachelor’s Degree $4,800.00
Master’s Degree: $4,800.00
Doctoral Degree: $5,800.00